Video SEO – A Crash Course on Video SEO


Video SEO is the practice of optimizing videos to rank higher in search results.

00:05 What is Video SEO?
00:18 Optimize Your MetaData
00:39 Get Backlinks
01:01 Produce Engaging and Keyword-Rich Content

It can help with marketing by making your video more visible on Google, YouTube, and other platforms.

The key to effective video SEO is optimizing your metadata. This includes things like the title of your video, tags, captions, and descriptions for each video, and even file names. All of these things help Google understand what your video is about and how to rank it appropriately.

Another important aspect of video SEO is getting backlinks to your videos from reputable sites. Backlinks are links from other websites that point directly back to your website, YouTube channel, or whatever platform you’re using. This helps Google understand that other people think highly enough of your content that they want others to see it too!

When you’re conducting video SEO, you want to make sure that the videos you produce are attractive and engaging, but also that they contain keywords that will be useful for search engines. For example, if you’re selling shoes, you might include the word “shoes” in the title of your video or in other places where it fits naturally, like in the description field or in text bubbles that appear on screen during the video itself.

You should also use keywords in any descriptions or tags that you use when posting videos online. These are what people see when they’re browsing through different videos on YouTube or other sites like it, so if someone is looking for something specific, like “shoes,” then having those keywords in place will make sure they find your video!

Many people think that the only way to rank highly in Google or Bing is to have a ton of backlinks and a well-optimized site, but that’s not 100% true. While those things are important, it’s also possible for a video that hasn’t been linked from anywhere else on the internet to show up as number one when someone searches for something specific.

That’s because Google and Bing use machine learning technology. They take into account things like how much engagement your video has generated, how long people watch it for, and how new it is, and then use those metrics to help determine what deserves top placement when someone searches for a certain keyword phrase related to your brand or product line.

Understanding how video SEO works is the first step in an effective marketing strategy.
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