Video SEO – Important Video SEO Reminders


When it comes to video SEO, there are many things you can do that will help your videos rank higher in search results.

00:04 Video SEO: Important Video SEO Reminders
00:19 Don’t Use Irrelevant Keywords
00:53 Don’t Forget About Metadata
01:05 Don’t Use Long-Tail Keywords That aren’t Specific
01:22 Avoid Keyword Stuffing
01:33 Avoid Using Auto-Generated Tags and Descriptions
01:47 Avoid Using Copyrighted Media
02:11 Don’t Link to Your Site in the Description of Your Video Unless Necessary

However, there are also some things you should avoid doing when it comes to optimizing your videos for search engines.

The first thing you shouldn’t do is use irrelevant keywords. Don’t add keywords in the title or description field unless they’re relevant and valuable to the viewer. If you have an informational video about how to set up a new website, don’t mention “website setup” in the title. The viewer doesn’t care about that! Instead, use your company name or something else that’s more relevant, like “how to set up a website.” This makes it clearer to your viewer that you’re teaching them how to set up a website in your video.

Additionally, don’t forget about metadata! Make sure you include relevant keywords, descriptions, and tags so Google can find your video when people search for it.

Next, don’t use too many long-tail keywords that aren’t specific enough. This can actually hurt your ranking rather than help it! Use broad terms like “how do I set up a website?” instead of “how do I set up my own website?”

Apart from that, you should also avoid keyword stuffing. If you stuff keywords into your video, it will not only hurt your ranking but also make your video look spammy and low quality.

Make it a point to avoid using auto-generated tags and descriptions as well. Google can detect if you’re using automation software to create these tags and descriptions, so just do it manually instead!

Avoid using copyrighted music or images in your videos, unless you have permission, of course. This is something that’s easy to forget about since most of us use music from Spotify or YouTube for our videos. However, if you’re not sure whether or not the license agreement allows for this kind of usage, double-check with the company before posting anything!

Lastly, don’t put a link in your description that goes back to your website or social media accounts unless it’s relevant to the video itself. Otherwise, people might click on those links and leave before they’ve seen anything good!

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