Video SEO – Tips on Correct Keyword Usage


Keywords are one of the most important parts of video SEO, and even SEO in general, so you want to make sure you have them right.

00:04 Video SEO: Tips on Correct Keyword Usage
00:16 Use Long-Tail Keywords
00:38 Don’t Stuff Your Video With Keywords
01:03 Use Keywords in Your Title
01:28 Use Keywords in Your Description
01:52 Use Common Words
02:05 Avoid Overused Keywords

Here are some tips for effective keyword usage:

First of all, don’t be afraid to use long-tail keywords and phrases when possible. An example of a long-tail keyword or keyphrase is “how to make peanut butter cookies” instead of just “peanut butter cookies.” Long tail keywords are more specific and are more likely to be searched for, which means they will be more effective.

It’s also important to remember not to stuff your video with keywords. You want to use words that naturally fit into your content, so don’t try to force it if it doesn’t feel right. The best way to use keywords is by including them naturally in the text of your video, so viewers don’t even realize they’re there. You can also use keywords in subtitles and descriptions.

Thirdly, be sure to use keywords in the title. This is an obvious one, but it’s important to make sure you’re using keywords in your video titles to help with SEO. Make sure your title accurately describes what your video is about, and make sure it contains relevant keywords. If you’re not sure what words are relevant, just use Google’s Keyword Planner tool to find them!

Adding to that, use keywords in the description field of YouTube as well. Just like your title, this is another easy place to include keyphrases that will help people find your videos when they search on YouTube or Google. You can also use the description field to tell people more about why they should watch your video and what makes it unique from other similar videos out there!

When it comes to keywords, it’s better to use common words. If your video is about how cats love to play with yarn, include the word “cat” and the specific word “yarn” if possible.

Finally, make sure to avoid overused keywords like “top” or “best” because these terms have become too common across all websites and social media platforms. Instead, try using phrases like “the best” or “the top 10 things about cats and yarn.” This increases the chances of people finding your video when searching for those topics.

Using keywords in your videos shouldn’t have to be tricky!
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