What are Meta Links, and How Do They Work?


Meta links are hyperlinks that are added to your website’s HTML code. They can be added to the body of a page, or to an image. These links allow you to link between web pages on your site and other sites on the web. This is called the “link structure.”

Meta links are a part of the internal linking structure of a website. They are links that point to other pages on the same site, and they have traditionally been used to provide information about related content or to further direct users to important pages on a site. Meta links can be created by using the “a” tag in HTML code. When a meta link is clicked, it will take you to another page on your website or an external site, depending on how it’s set up.

Meta links are useful because they give web crawlers an idea of what kind of content is available on your site and how it relates to other pages within your site. This helps search engines understand what kind of content is most important for users to see when searching for information about topics related to yours.

Furthermore, meta links are a type of link that is used to describe your content. They’re different from regular text links, and they can be used to help search engines understand what your site is all about.

Meta links appear in a special HTML tag called the head tag, which looks like this: head /head. This is the first thing on any web page. The meta link itself looks like this: link rel=”canonical” href=”https://www.example.com/page-to-be-canonicalized”/

This means that you want Google to treat the current version of your site as if it were a copied version, or “canonical.” The canonical version should be the most authoritative version available for this URL, and should not include any redirects or other potentially confusing URLs.

Overall, meta links can be used for navigation purposes and for internal linking, which helps with SEO because it gives search engines more information about your site’s structure. If you have lots of meta links, it helps Google know what the structure of your site is, and it can help them rank you higher in their search results.

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