What Factors Does TrustRank Consider?


What Factors Does TrustRank Consider?

00:03 What Factors Does TrustRank Consider?
00:20 TrustRank Considers How Well-Established a Site is
00:36 TrustRank Considers a Site’s Content
00:53 TrustRank Considers a Site’s Authority and Popularity
01:16 TrustRank Considers How Relevant a Site’s Links are
01:35 TrustRank Considers Penalty History
01:52 TrustRank Considers a Site’s Content Structure
02:11 TrustRank Considers How Often a Site’s Updated

TrustRank is a measure of the quality of web pages based on how often they’re shared and how often they’re visited by users. It’s a way to determine whether a page is trustworthy and relevant, and it’s used by Google Search to rank websites in search results.

First, TrustRank measures how well-established a website is by looking at its age and how long it has been around. TrustRank also looks at how authoritative the domain name is and whether the site has been transferred to a new owner recently.

TrustRank then looks at how much content there is on the site and what kind of content it is. For example, does the site have a lot of text or videos? It also checks if there are any ads on the page and whether they’re relevant to the user’s interests.

TrustRank also considers the site’s authority and popularity. This is measured by looking at how many links are pointing to the site and how much traffic it gets. The more authoritative and popular the site, the higher its TrustRank will be. Similarly, the more links there are, the higher the quality of that site will be considered.

Adding to that, TrustRank looks at how relevant each link is to the content of the page in question. A link from another website about unicorns would not be as valuable as one from an established news source telling readers about current events happening in unicorn-related places around the world.

Another important factor is whether or not the site has been flagged as spam by Google or other search engines. If a site has been flagged as spam, it will have a low TrustRank, which means it will be less likely for users to click on links from that site.

Next, TrustRank looks at how well-structured the content of your page is. Pages with well-structured content tend to have higher TrustRanks than those with poorly structured content because they are easier for users to navigate and find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Finally, TrustRank analyzes how often new content appears on the page in order to determine how actively it is maintained by its creators. If a website hasn’t been updated in over a year, then it will be considered less valuable than sites that are updated on a regular basis.

Understanding what factors play a role in your site’s TrustRank makes it easier to improve it!
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