What is a Link Building Strategy?


What is a Link Building Strategy?

00:02 The Importance of Link Building and Having a Link Building Strategy
01:14 Components That Make Up a Successful Link Building Strategy

A link building strategy is a process you follow in order to get other websites to include links to your site. It’s important because it helps to increase the authority of your site, which in turn helps it rank higher in search results. Link building can also help you get more traffic from search engines.

Link building refers to the process of acquiring links from other websites, which are then considered votes of confidence from other websites. These votes help search engines determine how relevant your page is to a particular search query and thus help you rank higher in the SERPs.

When you link to another site, you’re essentially telling Google that it’s worth visiting, and that it has valuable content that’ll be of interest to its visitors. In addition, when you link out to other sites and point them back to yours, it signals to Google that your website is worth ranking because it contains high-quality content that’ll be useful for users searching for related information.

Overall, link building is an important part of SEO because it helps increase traffic to your website and improve your rankings on SERPs by showing Google that people find value in what you’re sharing with them.

There are many components that make up a successful link building strategy. For now, we’ll focus on three of them: anchor text, link velocity, and domain authority.

The first component is anchor text. This is the text that’s used in links pointing to your site. The more relevant it is to your content, the better. However, don’t go overboard! You don’t want to create links with just one word in it or even two words that are too specific to your brand name or product. You want your anchor text to be something people can read and understand without any context.

The second component is link velocity. This refers to how quickly you’re getting new backlinks from different domains all over the web, and it’s important because Google rewards sites with a high volume of incoming links with higher rankings than sites with fewer links overall.

The third component is domain authority. This refers to how powerful each domain is in terms of its own ability to rank well for keywords on its own site, not just on other sites where it might have been included as part of someone else’s content strategy!

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