What is Google Authority, and How Does it Relate to Google Stack


Google Authority is a metric that Google uses to rank websites. It’s not really a ranking factor, but it does help determine how your site is ranked in the search results.

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01:43 How Google Authority Relates to Google Stack

Additionally, authority can be broken down into four categories:

Domain authority: This is determined by looking at the backlinks you have and the authority of those sites that link to you.
Page authority: This is determined by looking at things like keyword usage and content quality on your page.
Trustworthiness: This is determined by looking at factors like social media presence and website trustworthiness. These things are measured using metrics like SSL certificates.
Authority strength: This is determined by looking at all three of these things combined and determining how strong they are together as one entity.

You might be wondering why this matters because it sounds like Google doesn’t use this information directly when ranking websites. However, they do use it indirectly. They use it because it gives them a good idea of how much trust they should place in certain backlinks or certain sites that link out to other sites, like yours. In other words, if a site links out to yours with high authority, Google will place great value in your site because a high-authority website is “vouching” for you.

Generally speaking, the more authority you have, the more likely it is that people will click on your site when they’re searching for something relevant to your content. This is because Google uses an algorithm to determine which sites are most relevant to what people are looking for.

Now, this is where the idea of a Google Authority Stack comes in! A Google Authority Stack is basically when you utilize all of Google’s assets, such as Google Maps, Google Forms, Google Drawing, Google Calendar, Google Photos, Slideshare, and Google Documents as a means to generate backlinks for your website. Having multiple high-quality backlinks from these areas can greatly contribute to your website’s authority.

As you can imagine, having a high Google authority score can have a huge impact on your SEO strategy. So, it’s important to understand how your own website stacks up against your competitors’ websites so that you can make informed decisions about how to improve your own site’s ranking and traffic.

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