What Makes Influencer Marketing Great for Businesses?


What Makes Influencer Marketing Great for Businesses?

00:04 How Influencer Marketing Works
01:29 The Importance of Influencer Marketing

Businesses should do influencer marketing because it’s a powerful way to reach new audiences and start conversations around your brand.

Influencers are people with large online followings who can spread the word about your product or service, leading to more sales and positive word-of-mouth that spreads like wildfire. They can also help you generate leads and build relationships with potential customers.

What’s more, influencers are trusted by their followers, so they’re a great way to get your message out there without being seen as advertising. It’s also a good way to get feedback on your product or service without having to pay for focus groups, surveys, or other forms of market research.

The best way to do influencer marketing is by partnering with influencers who already have a large following! The more people you can reach, the more likely it is that you’ll make an impact on them and convince them of your product or service.

Influencer marketing is also great because it helps build trust between you and your customers. If they’ve seen your products in the hands or homes of other people who they admire, then they’re more likely to buy from you too.

Finally, influencer marketing can help build brand awareness for new products or services. If someone sees one of their favorite influencers using something new, then they might want to try it for themselves!

Moving forward, the world of marketing is changing. It used to be that businesses relied on traditional advertising and word-of-mouth for customer acquisition. Now, social media has become a major player in the game.

In fact, according to Hootsuite’s 2019 Social Media Survey, 83% of consumers trust recommendations from friends or family over brand-name ads. When you consider that 44% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy something after seeing a social post about it, it’s clear that brands that want to thrive need to embrace influencer marketing.

With influencer marketing, you can reach people who are already interested in your product or service. Influencers have built-in audiences who trust them and their recommendations. They’re willing to put their money where their mouth is by buying what you’re selling! Because influencers have so many followers, there are plenty of ways for them to create content about your product, such as photos and videos with hashtags, blog posts on Instagram Stories, and mentions on Twitter and Facebook.

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