What Media Outlets to Reach Out to For Your Press Release


If you’re writing a press release for your new product, there are two types of media outlets to consider reaching out to: traditional and digital.

00:05 What Media Outlets to Reach Out to For Your Press Release
00:14 What is Traditional Media?
00:44 What is Digital Media?
01:28 Reach Out to Those Who’ll Most Likely Cover Your Story
02:03 Consider Pitching Your Release to Specific Writers

The first type is traditional media. Traditional media is broadly defined as newspapers and magazines that have existed for decades or longer. These outlets still receive many submissions from writers and producers, but they are also often inundated with them due to their high visibility. The best way to get your release into the hands of someone at a traditional outlet is through an industry contact or by networking at an event where writers or editors from these outlets might be attending.

The second type is digital media. This type of media includes websites like BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, and Mashable; online-only news organizations like Quartz; social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter; and blogs like Medium. Digital media outlets tend to be smaller than their print counterparts, but they are gaining traction in terms of readership and influence. When reaching out to digital media outlets, it’s important to include any relevant links or documents in the body of your email. This could include images, audio clips, or video clips that support your story. It’s also important to follow up with these outlets if there isn’t a reply within 24 hours of contacting them.

When you’re writing a press release for your new product, it’s also important to target the right media outlets. You want to reach out to those who will be most likely to cover the news, so look at what kind of content each outlet has published in the past and make sure you’re sending your press release to the right people. For example, if you’re launching a new beer that pairs well with pizza, consider sending it to a beer blogger or publication. If you’re launching a new workout plan for people who’re trying to lose weight, consider sending it to fitness publications or bloggers who’ve written about dieting in the past.

You can also consider pitching your press release directly to specific writers at these publications by looking up their email addresses on social media accounts like Twitter or LinkedIn. This can help make sure they see your info and respond back quickly, which is important when you’re trying to drum up interest in a new product!

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