What Niche Relevant Backlinks are and Where You Can Find Them


What Niche-Relevant Backlinks are and Where You Can Find Them

00:04 What Niche-Relevant Backlinks are and Where You Can Find Them
00:30 How Niche-Relevant Backlinks Work
01:14 Two Main Ways to Find Niche-Relevant Backlinks
01:45 Where to Find Niche-Relevant Backlinks

Niche-relevant backlinks are the most valuable kind of backlinks you can get. They’re also the hardest to get, which is why we’ve put together this video to help you understand what they are and how to find them.

Backlinks are links that point from one website to another. A lot of people think that getting these links is all about finding any old site with a link on it and asking for one, but that’s not true at all!

Niche-relevant backlinks are the ones that are relevant to your own business, so they’re more likely to help you rank in Google search results. Plus, they boost your credibility with Google and other search engines so that when someone searches for something related to what you do, your site will be higher up in their results than others who don’t have as many niche-relevant backlinks.

You see, niche-relevant backlinks are links that have been built by other sites to your own site because they have something in common with you. If you run an electrician company, other electricians that have websites should link to your site because they share a common interest or goal: increasing their visibility in the search engine results for the keyword “electrician.”

There are two main ways to find niche-relevant backlinks: paid services and manual outreach. The former is fairly straightforward. You pay someone else to do it for you and wait for them to find the right sites for you. Manual outreach, on the other hand, involves finding websites that may be interested in linking to yours and contacting them directly about it. This requires research on both ends—yours and theirs—but can be very effective if done correctly!

With that, there are many places where you might be able to find niche-relevant backlinks.

For starters, you can find them in forums and communities related to your industry. If there’s a forum or community where people talk about or share content related to your business, then you should also consider posting there! Just make sure that what you post is relevant and helpful! Don’t spam just for the sake of getting links. That’ll get you banned from those communities fast!

You can also get them from sites that already link to similar sites in your space. For example, if you’re selling organic dog food online, you could make sure that there are other dog food websites that link to yours.

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