What NOT to Do When Doing Backlink Outreach


What NOT to Do When Doing Backlink Outreach

00:20 Seven Things You Shouldn’t Do When Doing Backlink Outreach

Backlink outreach is an essential part of digital marketing. It’s how you get other people to link to your website and boost its search engine ranking. However, if you want to do it right, there are a few things you should never do when doing backlink outreach.

First off, don’t spam people with offers of free stuff in exchange for links. This is a big no-no in the SEO world because it makes you look desperate and spammy, which can actually hurt your chances of getting the links that you want.

On that note, spammy behavior can include posting a link in the comments section of an unrelated blog or forum post, or sending out emails with “please add this link” in the subject line and nothing else.

Also, never be pushy or aggressive with your emails. It’s easy to come across as rude or demanding when you’re trying to get someone to share a link with their audience. You should also avoid sending emails that are too long or complicated for someone else to read through.

Thirdly, don’t just ask for links without offering anything in return! Remember that this person has time constraints like everyone else does and probably doesn’t have time to write up an article about your company or product without getting something out of it themselves, like exposure on social media.

Now, when actually reaching out, never use the same template for all of your outreach emails. This can be pretty obvious and it’s something that a lot of people do, but it doesn’t look professional. You want to make sure that each email is tailored specifically for the person you’re reaching out to, and that includes the content inside of it, as well as the format of your message itself.

Another thing you shouldn’t do is ask for too much information. If someone gives you their email address, they don’t want an essay about how great your company is and how much they should work with you. They just want an answer to their question or request. Keep your emails short and sweet, so they can get what they need from them quickly!

Lastly, don’t send unsolicited emails! Always be sure that whomever you’re reaching out to has opted-in before sending them any messages that have anything to do with business. This’ll help ensure that everyone gets what they need from these exchanges.

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