What Not to Do When Using YouTube for SEO


You’re probably wondering how to make the most of your YouTube channel. In fact, you’ve probably already done a ton of research and learned how to optimize your videos for search engines. There are many ways to use YouTube to help improve your SEO efforts. However, there are also a lot of things you should avoid doing if you want this method to work effectively.

00:04 What Not to Do When Using YouTube for SEO
00:27 Avoid Using Bad Content
01:05 Make Sure That You Have a Clear Action Plan for Creating and Uploading Videos
01:27 Don’t Post Videos Too Frequently
01:51 Make Sure Your Video Titles and Descriptions are Relevant

The first thing you should avoid doing is using bad content. This means that you need to make sure that the videos you post are interesting, entertaining, and useful. If they’re not, then viewers won’t want to stay on the page and watch it, and that’s going to hurt your SEO efforts rather than help them! Part of bad content is uploading content that is similar to other videos on YouTube. This won’t help you get found by anyone who doesn’t already know about your channel or brand. Instead, focus on creating unique content that’s valuable to people who have never seen anything like it before!

Secondly, don’t just upload your video and hope it will rank. You need to create a plan of action that includes a title, description, tags, and annotations. Then, you’ll want to make sure those things reflect what people are searching for by monitoring your analytics and seeing what keywords people are using when they find your video.

Another thing that can hurt your SEO efforts is posting too frequently. You should try posting new videos every couple of months instead of every week or two weeks. This will give viewers time to get used to whatever it is they’re watching before something new comes along. Doing so will also help make sure that people don’t get sick of seeing updates from your channel all the time!

Finally, make sure that your videos have relevant titles and descriptions. Doing so will ensure that people can find them easily when searching for topics related specifically to what they’re looking for online, such as a particular product or service. Don’t just throw keywords into your titles and descriptions. You don’t want people to click on your video because they’re searching for one thing, only to find out that it’s about something completely different.

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