What Should An Editorial Calendar Include?


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When you consider creating an editorial calendar, its critical to understand what it should entail. The contents of the calendar depend on the complexity of the content plan.

To get a quality calendar, there are several things to include:

1. Who:
• Show the target persona
• Include the target engagement cycle
• Name of the specific team member responsible for each task

2. What
• Show the keywords
• Include topics
• Show subtitles, even if it’s a working title to be completed later
• Include the call to action

3. When
• Show the initial date when content is due
• Include the editing date if it applies
• Include the publication date

4. Where
• Include the format or rather the type of content, for example video, text or image.
• Add the delivery channels

5. How
• Include notes- This would include reference citations, links to include, plus key talking points.
• Think tank- Ideas will keep coming for future content. Store them here, let everyone see them and continue to contribute to them as ideas flow.
• Keep track of each and every rising opportunity. It would include trade shows, campaigns, or any company milestones.

6. Flexibility
Your content plan is not fixed, you will need to keep taking in changes from time to time. Be ready to go off-schedule whenever need arises.

7. Celebration
Content creation never ends, and so it’s advisable to take time and celebrate the small wins!

Treat the calendar as a tool, so that it works for you.

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