What to Avoid When Conducting Social Link Building


Social link building is the process of getting links from social media sites and other third-party websites. It’s important because it doesn’t just help your website rank higher in search engine results, it also allows you to reach a large audience! Given how beneficial this link building strategy is, you should understand the things you need to steer clear of.

00:00 What to Avoid When Conducting Social Link Building
00:28 Avoid Using Spammy Automated Systems
00:49 Don’t Post Links That Lack Context or Commentary
01:18 Don’t Hire Followers nor Create Fake Followers
01:43 Avoid Posting in Unrelated Groups

First and foremost, you should avoid using automated systems that spam people on social media. These kinds of systems can be considered black-hat and will get flagged by search engines. In turn, this will only hurt your reputation and won’t help your site rank higher on search engine results pages.

Next, don’t just post links on social media sites without context or commentary around them. People will think you’re spamming their feeds if all they see are links without any explanation. Make sure to explain why those links are important and/or interesting. In addition, try not to repeat yourself too much when posting links. Otherwise, it might seem like spammy behavior even though it isn’t.

Thirdly, don’t cheat the system! Don’t hire people to follow your account or create fake accounts that are then used to follow your account. This is against the rules of most platforms, and it’ll get you banned from using them together! If you want real people to follow your account, do it legitimately by sharing interesting content that people want to see and share with others.

Fourth and lastly, avoid posting in unrelated groups! If you post links in groups that have nothing to do with your business or industry, they’ll likely get deleted or flagged by other members. You also won’t be able to build any sort of relationship with those groups’ owners or moderators, which means they won’t be able to help you promote your site or business. Overall, posting in groups that are irrelevant to your industry would just be a complete waste of time and resources.

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