A lot of people, who don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, are asking the question of when to use third party tools such as Majestic SEO, MOZ and Semrush. The answer is that these programs are best used together. Although there are some cases when one of these tools is better than the others, in most cases they are used together. These SEO tools have several features in common that makes them very successful at optimizing websites.

One of the main features of these 3rd party seo tools is that they allow the user to do URL prefixing search. This is a very powerful feature. Not only can it be used for competitive purposes but for normal as well.

It allows the user to optimize a website by adding keywords into the URL, instead of using the website address. This is a great way of increasing your search engine optimization rankings. However, before you start using this feature, make sure that you have included all the keywords that your website contains.

Another very important feature of both Majestic SEO and the URL prefix method is that they include a meta description.

Meta description is what users read from the source code when they open your website so you should make sure that you include a good description that explains what the page is about and what it intends to do for the user.

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