Why LinkDaddy® Offers The Best Press Release Service Across The Market


Distribution options for press releases have evolved significantly over the last few years. There’s no need to be tied to a single high-priced press release supplier. It’s simply too large for the distribution globe.

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Our clients consider distribution footprints, as no single provider can guarantee that you will be seen by everyone you need to reach. LinkDaddy owns and manages its own proprietary distribution system and is constantly expanding its distribution channels. The majority of traditional news release distribution systems rely on third-party vendors to contact the media, incurring additional fees. Their economic strategy resulted in the establishment of expensive but restricted geographic circuits or news lines.

However, the practice of sending press releases to journalists over “the wire” or even via email is no longer valid. Media databases containing journalists’ email addresses and even beats are frequently inaccurate. Even if they’re accurate, journalists’ email inboxes are already bursting at the seams with hundreds of suggestions they cannot possibly examine. Additionally, promising to reach a broader range of critical audiences and the general public via news releases sent via databases is a stretch.

The key to any successful communication outreach is ensuring that an organization’s news is discovered and sought after in the appropriate locations. The use of search engines, syndication on local news channels, and a robust social media presence all contribute to the spread of the word. In terms of media, LinkDaddy has developed hundreds of geographical media directories that are publicly accessible and regularly updated by the company’s newsroom. These news organizations are familiar with LinkDaddy. When their reporting staff performs investigations in search of breaking news or background material, they consult online sites with the most visibility for LinkDaddy.

Additionally, stakeholders and the general public can easily find clients’ news releases because LinkDaddy not only distributes them to the most popular online sites, social media platforms, and search engines but also indexes and aggregates them with other leading news sources on hundreds of online industry LinkDaddy publications and newswires. When a newswire service also functions as a go-to source for industry news, the combination is highly effective. Additionally, readers worldwide may view LinkDaddy’s client news. No other news release distribution service comes close to LinkDaddy’s forward-thinking distribution footprint.

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