Why Move From Fiverr to Vettted?


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For many, it’s the ability to create high-quality content. But for others, it’s the ability to get your work done on time and within budget. But what if you could find out whether those things are true before you even hire someone?

00:03 Why Move From Fiverr to Vettted?
00:21 Vettted Validates All of Its Professional Members
00:48 Vettted Makes it Easy to Land Clients

Vetted is here to help you answer those questions for all your potential clients. Vettted was made for clients looking for digital marketers and freelancers to ensure that the person joining their team has the appropriate experience and training for the job.

Vetted is a company that helps digital marketing professionals build their businesses and grow their client base. It’s not just about getting clients, it’s about growing your business and getting the clients you want.

Digital marketing can be a tricky business. You’ve got to know what you’re doing, but also have the chops to get your work done and sell it effectively.

It’s one thing to have a reputation for quality work—but it’s another thing entirely to convince potential clients that you’re not going to scam them out of their money.

This is where Vetted comes in. It allows digital marketing professionals who want to build their businesses and grow their client base through providing services, mentorship, training, and even expert advice. And since Vettted only works with vetted professionals— employers know they’re hiring an expert in a specific field and not someone looking to scam them for their money.

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