Why Should You Do a Backlink Audit?


Why Should You Do a Backlink Audit?

00:03 What is a Backlink Audit and Why is it Important?
00:23 How is a Backlink Audit Relevant to SEO?
01:07 The Different Reasons Why You Should Conduct Backlink Audits

A backlink audit is an analysis of a website’s backlink profile. It can reveal how many links a site has and where they’re coming from, as well as their quality. A backlink audit can help you get a better understanding of your site’s SEO strategy, and it can also help you spot issues that may need to be addressed.

A backlink audit is relevant to SEO because it provides information about the quality of your website’s backlinks, which helps you determine whether or not your current strategy is working for you. It also helps you identify potential problems with your backlink profile so that you can address them before they become bigger issues.

To do a backlink audit, you need to find all of the links that point to your website and analyze them for relevancy, authority, and popularity. You can do this manually or use software like Moz or Ahrefs. Even if you’re not planning on doing SEO yourself, it’s still important to understand what a backlink audit looks like so that you can ask for one from your SEO company.

There are many reasons why you should do backlink audits for your website. A backlink audit is a way to identify all the places where you have links pointing to your website, and whether those links are of good quality or not.

One reason for doing a backlink audit is to find broken links. A broken link is a link that doesn’t work anymore. This might be because the page it’s linking to has been moved or deleted, or maybe there was some kind of error when it was created.

Another reason to do a backlink audit is to spot nofollowed links on your site. If a site has linked to yours but tagged the link as “nofollow,” that means they don’t want their readers to follow that link. It’s best practice in SEO to avoid nofollow links whenever possible because they don’t add any value to your site. This means you can’t get credit for them in search rankings, and they’re not as likely to convert visitors into customers. However, sometimes, nofollow links are necessary if you’re linking from a source that doesn’t allow for dofollow links, like email programs like Gmail.

It’s good practice to check your website’s backlink profile regularly!
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