Why You Should Start Doing a Backlink Audit


Why You Should Start Doing a Backlink Audit

00:03 What is a Backlink Audit and What is its Purpose?
01:03 The Different Benefits of Doing a Backlink Audit on Your Website

A backlink audit is a way to assess the health of your website’s backlinks. It helps you figure out if you have too many, too few, or the right amount of backlinks.

A backlink audit is also useful for identifying spammy or “black hat” links on your site. These are links that were created to manipulate search engine rankings and are often created by scammers hoping to make money through ads or other nefarious means. A backlink audit helps you identify these links so that you can remove them from your website, which will help improve your search engine rankings.

Moreover, a backlink audit is also helpful in identifying broken redirects on your site. A broken redirect is when someone clicks on a link and ends up at an error page instead of the page they intended to visit. This can be due to a mistake made by you, or the webmaster, or it can happen as a result of updates made by Google or another search engine.

A backlink audit is an important part of your business’s SEO strategy. It’ll help you identify the backlinks that are helping your website rank well, as well as those that could be causing problems for your SEO.

For example, if you find that one of your competitors has more backlinks than you do, it may be because they’ve been able to get a mention on more authoritative websites than you have. This means you should reach out to those websites and try to get them to mention your company as well.

On the other hand, if there are lots of links coming from sites with low or no PageRank, those links might be hurting your site’s ranking in Google, and they may even be contributing to a penalty on your site! In this case, it would be worth investigating these links, removing them if possible, or otherwise working with Google about them.

A backlink audit can also help you identify whether there are any issues with the way your website is structured or coded. An example of this would be, if it’s not mobile-friendly or if its load time is too slow. This can lead directly to implementing changes based on what’s been found during the audit process itself!

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