Wi-Fi Speed Booster Secrets That Can Double Your Connection Part 1


Wi-Fi Speed Booster Secrets That Can Double Your Connection Part 1

00:42 Check The Router’s Firmware
01:08 Move Your Router
01:29 Get A Wi-Fi Extender

We know that when it comes to Wi-Fi in your home, it can feel like you’re playing a game of roulette. Sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. But what if we told you there were some secrets that could help you get a better connection?

Contrary to popular belief, boosting your Wi-Fi speed is not rocket science.

In fact, if you’re wondering how to improve your internet speed, all it really takes is a bit of tinkering around with a few internet settings or replacing some hardware. Here are a few tips on how to increase Wi-Fi speed.

If you haven’t updated your router’s firmware recently, it may be time to do so. Routers often come with outdated firmware that can cause issues with internet connection speeds and overall performance. To check this, log into your router’s admin panel and click on “System Info” or something similar under “Status”. You should see an option for updating the firmware version displayed here.

Plenty of things in your home or office can interfere with your Wi-Fi’s signal: thick walls, metal appliances, and even other electronics (like microwaves) can all have an effect on your Wi-Fi signal. If you have a router that’s not working as well as it could be, try moving it to a more open space on the floor or higher up on a shelf.

If you’ve noticed that your Wi-Fi signal is spotty or weak, it could be because you have too many walls between your router and the place where you want to use the internet.

A Wi-Fi extender/repeater is a device that helps get around this problem by extending your Wi-Fi signal farther than it would normally go on its own.

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