Wi-Fi Speed Booster Secrets That Can Double Your Connection Part 2


Wi-Fi Speed Booster Secrets That Can Double Your Connection Part 2

00:18 Get Rid of Wi-Fi Leeches
00:53 Adjust Router Antennas
01:21 Upgrade Your Internet Plan

We know that when it comes to Wi-Fi in your home, sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. But what if we told you there were some secrets that could help you get faster Wi-Fi?

Do you have any idea how many devices or people are currently connected to your network? If the answer is no, then your network might be compromised by what are known as “Wi-Fi leeches.”

A Wi-Fi leech is an unauthorized device that connects to a wireless network without permission of the owner. The most common way they do this is by detecting unsecured Wi-Fi networks and automatically connecting to them without any kind of authentication. Once connected, they can download all kinds of files, send out spam email, and even launch attacks on other networks.

The antenna on your router is a little like a remote control: you can point it in different directions to get the best signal.

If you point your router’s antenna up, the signal will be blasted across the room horizontally. If you point your router’s antenna down, the signal will be emitted vertically through floors and ceilings.

So if your wifi is spotty in one corner of your house (like mine is), try pointing your router’s antenna up!

One surefire way to improve your Wi-Fi speed is to upgrade your internet connection. If you have a slow DSL or cable service, it’s time to consider upgrading your internet plan. Many companies offer different speeds and price points, so be sure to read the fine print before signing up.

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