Wikipedia Backlinks – How to Get Yourself Linked to On Wikipedia


In this video, we’ll be discussing how to easily get Wikipedia backlinks.

00:05 Wikipedia Backlinks: How to Get Yourself Linked to On Wikipedia
00:33 Don’t Try to Make Links Up
00:52 Take Time to Build Relationships With Writers and Editors
01:20 Make Sure Your Content is Original and Accurate
01:56 Make Sure that you Cite Your Sources

There are a bunch of different strategies that you can use to gain backlinks, but one of the best ways is to get yourself linked on Wikipedia. Getting a link from Wikipedia is an extremely high-quality backlink, which means it’s going to help you rank higher in Google search results and drive more traffic to your site. So, how do you actually go about getting one?

First things first. If you want to get a link from Wikipedia, don’t try to make one up! Wikipedia has algorithms that automatically detect when someone tries to post a fake link. If they catch you doing this, your page will be deleted and all of your hard work will be for nothing!

Instead of trying to trick them into linking your page, take the time to build relationships with other Wiki editors and become an active member of their community. This way, when someone needs help with their page or has questions about how something works, they’ll turn to people they trust, you included! The best part about this strategy is that because Wikipedia editors are always trying new things out themselves, they’re often looking for new content as well!

Additionally, if you want to get links from Wikipedia, make sure that all of your content is original and accurate. If there’s any doubt about whether or not your content is original, the Wikipedia editors will reject it immediately! You can check for plagiarism using tools like Plagscan or Copyscape. Remember, if anyone else has already written about a topic before, especially in an encyclopedia style like Wikipedia, then it’s unlikely that a new article on the same topic would be accepted by the editors without significant changes being made to it first.

Finally, you want to make sure that you’ve included citations in every article that has information from another source, like an academic paper. This helps prove that your writing isn’t just copying and pasting someone else’s work into an article without citing where they got those ideas from, which is against Wikipedia’s policies!

As a bonus, it’s worth creating an account on Wikipedia and editing articles related to your business or industry. This will help build up your authority in that field and make it easier for people searching for information on it to find your site.

Wikipedia can be a valuable source of high-quality backlinks!
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