YouTube for SEO: Factors That Influence Your Video’s Ranking


YouTube for SEO: Factors That Influence Your Video’s Ranking

00:05 YouTube for SEO: Factors That Influence Your Video’s Ranking
00:38 YouTube Considers the Relevance of Your Video
00:59 YouTube Considers Your Video’s Watch Time
01:18 YouTube Considers Your Video’s Social Media Shares
01:31 YouTube Considers Your Video’s Engagement Rate
01:58 YouTube Considers Your Video’s Quality

When using YouTube for SEO, it’s important to understand how exactly YouTube ranks your videos. After all, the higher your video ranks in YouTube’s search results, the more traffic and exposure you’ll get for your business.

First off, YouTube has a very specific set of criteria that it uses to rank videos, and these criteria have been tweaked over time based on user behavior and feedback from the community. Here are some of the most important factors that affect your video ranking on YouTube:

The first factor that plays a major role in your video’s ranking is relevance. Relevance is a key factor in ranking. YouTube wants to show people things that they’ll like and enjoy, so if your video is relevant to what people will be searching for, then you’ll have an advantage over other videos in terms of getting views and clicks.

The second important factor is watch time. Watch time measures how long people watch your video before clicking away or closing out of it entirely. The longer they watch, the better chance you have of showing up in searches related to what your video is about, or searches on related topics.

Next, YouTube looks at how many people share your video on social media or recommend it to their friends and family. If you want your video to be seen by more people, share it with others!

Fourthly, YouTube considers how much engagement your video gets from viewers, whether they comment on it, like it, or share it on social media. When you have high engagement rates, your videos will be more likely to show up in search results and recommended videos. People who interact with your content are more likely to share it or watch more of your videos, which therefore contribute more value to YouTube’s algorithm.

Finally, there’s content quality. Content quality includes things like length, resolution, and camera quality, all of which have an impact on whether or not people will stick around long enough for you to rank high in their search results! Though the quality of the video itself isn’t as important as the previous factors we’ve talked about, it still plays a role in how high your video gets ranked.

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