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One YouTube Ranking tool that’s widely recommended and used by professionals is TubeBuddy.

00:10 What is TubeBuddy and How Does it Help With Optimization?
01:15 TubeBuddy Helps Create a Better Title
01:30 TubeBuddy Tracks Your Video’s Performance
01:56 TubeBuddy Analyzes Videos Based on Different Metrics

TubeBuddy is a free tool that helps you optimize your YouTube video so it shows up more easily in search results and gets more views. It’s simple to use. Just enter your channel name and email address, then select what type of optimization you’d like to perform: optimizing for keywords, optimizing for tags, or both. Then click “Analyze” and wait for it to finish scanning your videos.

When it’s done analyzing your videos, you’ll see how many views each one has gotten so far, how many were watched for more than 10 seconds, which is a good indication of engagement, and whether it has any issues with metadata or tags that could be improved. You’ll also see a list of suggested keywords and tags that TubeBuddy thinks would work well for your video. From there, you can choose whether or not to apply any changes based on TubeBuddy’s suggestions. If so, click “Apply Changes.”

Moving forward, TubeBuddy provides a range of features that can help you optimize your YouTube video.

First, it will help you create a better title for your video. It does this by analyzing the keywords in your title and optimizing them for search engines, as well as providing suggestions for other words you might want to include.

What’s more, TubeBuddy will allow you to track the performance of the video so you can see how many views it has received and how many people have liked and disliked it. This will help you identify what content is popular with your audience, so you can make more videos like that in the future. You can also see which keywords are bringing people to your videos so that when you make new ones, you can use those same keywords as tags or titles.

TubeBuddy also provides a tool for analyzing videos by their length, number of likes, dislikes, comments per minute, and total number of comments. If any of these metrics are low, this might indicate that there’s something wrong with the video. Maybe it’s too long or not interesting enough, and it would be useful for you to take steps to improve it.

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