YouTube SEO – How to Conduct Keyword Research for Your Videos


When you’re optimizing your YouTube video for SEO, keyword research is critical. While it’s tempting to just throw a bunch of random keywords into your video description and call it good, this can actually hurt your rankings.

00:05 YouTube SEO: How to Conduct Keyword Research for Your Videos
00:19 What are Keywords?
00:53 What is Keyword Research?
01:19 Using Google’s Keyword Planner for Keyword Research
01:40 Using Keyword Tool Dominator or Spyfu for Keyword Research
01:57 Using Moz’s Keyword Tool for Keyword Research
02:14 Using Free Tools Like Tubular Insights and Google Trends for Keyword Research

Keywords are the terms that people search for on Google, Bing, or other search engines when they are looking for information. They are also known as “search queries.” For example, if someone searches “how to build a shed,” they might be looking for information about how to build a shed.

Now, to make sure that your keywords are helping rather than hurting your video’s SEO, you want to make sure they’re relevant and targeted to the right audience. This means using the right words in the right places, and this can be ensured by doing keyword research.

Keyword research is a process of exploring search engine optimization opportunities by identifying the most popular search terms related to your content and seeing what those keywords mean from the audience’s perspective. You can start by brainstorming possible phrases that relate to your topic, then narrowing them down based on relevance and popularity.

With that, there are lots of ways to conduct keyword research:

First, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner tool to find related keywords and discover which ones have high search volume. It can help you discover what people are searching for so that you can make sure your video is optimized to answer those questions. You can also use those keywords as seed words when brainstorming your script.

Another way is by using YouTube’s own search bar or a third-party tool like Keyword Tool Dominator or SpyFu. You can also use these tools to find out which videos are ranking well for certain keywords, so you can determine what kind of content people want to see on YouTube.

Thirdly, you can use Moz’s Keyword Tool. This tool costs money but also gives you access to a lot more data than Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner does, including keyword trends over time, related keywords, keyword difficulty scores, and more!

Finally, there are some free tools out there that let you see how many views each keyword gets in a given month, such as Tubular Insights, or how many people are searching for it on Google, such as Google Trends.
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