YouTube SEO – How to Make People Finish Your YouTube Video


As we’ve established, an important factor in YouTube SEO is your video’s watch time. So, if you want your YouTube video to rank high in search results, you have to make sure that people are watching your video until the end.

00:23 Understand What Makes Your Video Stand Out
00:49 Consider and Understand Your Audience
01:38 Make Sure The Length of Your Video Matches its Content
02:01 Offer a Solution in Your Video

Well, luckily for you, there are some ways you can do that.

First, ask yourself: what is it about my video that makes people want to keep watching? Is there a plot twist? Is it funny? Is it educational? Maybe your viewers are watching for a specific reason. Maybe they want to learn how to bake a cake or maybe they’re curious about the history of your town. Whatever it is, make sure that what keeps people coming back is also what keeps them watching from beginning to end.

Next, consider your audience. Do they like action movies or dramas? Do they like comedy sketches or documentaries? Use this information to tell them the most interesting parts of your story early on so that their interest doesn’t wane later on in the video. Also, if you think someone might get bored halfway through, throw in a joke or an interesting fact every now and then so they have something new to look forward to!

When you’re creating a video, there are a lot of things you want to make sure it has. You want it to be professional-looking, with good lighting and sound quality. You want it to be interesting and engaging, and you want it to be informative. However, the most important thing of all, the thing that will make or break your entire video is whether or not people watch it until the end.

So, moving forward, you want to keep your video short, but not too short. Always make sure that the length of your video perfectly matches the topic it covers. For instance, if your video is an explainer video, you’d want to keep it concise and easy to absorb. However, if your video is about more important topics, you can make it a bit longer.

Finally, to make sure your audience finishes your video, offer a solution. Try to offer a solution in your video that can help people solve their problems or make their lives easier in some way. This will encourage viewers to watch the entire video and show them that you know what you are talking about!

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