YouTube Video Ranking Tricks – Optimizing Your Title and Description


In this video, we’re going to show you how to optimize your YouTube video’s title and description for search results.

00:05 YouTube Video Ranking Tricks: Optimizing Your Title and Description
01:01 Make Sure the Title is as Relevant as Possible
01:29 Include Relevant Keywords in the Title and Description
01:52 Consider What Kind of Information People Would Look For
02:12 Include Links to Other Relevant Videos in Your Description

If you want your video to be found on YouTube, it’s important that you create an engaging title and description. The first thing people see when they search for a keyword is the title of the video. If they don’t find what they’re looking for here, then chances are they won’t click on it.

The next thing people see is the description of the video. This is where you can really sell yourself and your brand by explaining what your video is about in detail so that viewers know exactly what they’re getting into before they click play. Make sure that both your title and description contain keywords related to what people might be searching for so that when they do find your video, it shows up at the top of their results!

With that, here are some tips to make sure your title and description are fully optimized.

First, make sure you write a title that is as relevant as possible. The more specific you can be with your topic, the better. For example, instead of writing “Tips on How to Optimize Your YouTube Video’s title and Description,” write something like “How to Optimize Your YouTube Video’s Title and Description.” This will help Google understand what your video is about much faster than if you had simply written “Tips.”

Second, include relevant keywords in both of these sections. If you are trying to rank for a specific term or phrase, make sure that word appears somewhere in both sections. This will help Google know what your video is all about without having to do much searching themselves because they will be looking at what words were used by other viewers who were searching for similar content when they found yours.

Next, think about what kind of information people would be looking for when they’re searching for videos like yours. Would they be searching for something specific like “How To Make A Chocolate Cake”? Or would they be more general, like “Cooking”? This can help you decide how long-winded or concise your description should be.

Finally, include links to other videos on YouTube related to yours so that users who have already watched your video will have another reason to stay on the site and watch more content.

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