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About Yahoo and Bloomberg

Yahoo News and Bloomberg are both prominent news sources that provide coverage of a wide range of topics, including business, finance, politics, technology, and more. Here’s some information about each of them:

  1. Yahoo News: Yahoo News is a news aggregator that gathers content from various sources, including its own original reporting, to deliver news articles, videos, and other multimedia content to its users. It covers a broad spectrum of topics, including current events, politics, entertainment, sports, and lifestyle. Yahoo News aims to provide a comprehensive news experience by curating content from a variety of reputable sources.
  2. Bloomberg: Bloomberg is a global business and financial news company. It offers a wide range of services, including a news website, television network (Bloomberg TV), a radio station (Bloomberg Radio), and a subscription-based terminal (Bloomberg Terminal) used by financial professionals for real-time market data, news, and analytics. Bloomberg specializes in providing in-depth coverage of financial markets, business news, economic trends, and analysis.
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