At LinkDaddy, we value your commitment as our customer and understand the importance of maximizing your purchasing power. That’s why we have created our exclusive promo, designed to reward your loyalty and enhance your experience.

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Unlock Big Savings with Bonus Credits!

Rather than mess around with promo codes we’ve already created Credit Packs & Bonus Credits.
Once purchased your credits are then added to your dashboard which you can use at checkout to pay for your orders.

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Exclusive Savings

Purchase bonus credits and save 10%-100% on various services.

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Boost Your Budget

Stretch your money further with bonus credits.

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Convenient and Easy

Hassle-free process for buying and using credits.

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Long-Term Benefits

You never lose your credits.


When purchasing our Credit Packs your investment is rewarded with generous bonus credits.

Buy a $250 Credit Pack and receive an additional 10% in bonus credits. Your purchase will be boosted with an extra $25 worth of credits. Are you an Agency looking to outsource your link-building requirements?

Purchase a $5,000 Credit Pack and receive a whopping $2,500 in bonus credits. This deal is perfect for Agencies who want to get a great deal and stretch their budget even further.

Purchase the $15,000 Credit Pack and get a staggering $15,000 in bonus credits. This is for the Agencies that handle a lot of client websites and need a hands-off solution while also looking to maximize their monthly retainers. Obtain peace of mind in knowing that LinkDaddy has you covered with our quality services.

NOTE – credits can also be used to secure our Done-For-You services so that Agencies can focus more on client acquisition.

Stretch your budget even further by purchasing credits and unlocking our remarkable bonus offers at every level.

Here’s how it works:

• $250 Credit Pack: Get 10% in Bonus Credits.
• $500 Credit Pack: Get 15% in Bonus Credits.
• $1,000 Credit Pack: Get 20% in Bonus Credits.
• $2,500 Credit Pack: Get 30% in Bonus Credits.
• $5,000 Credit Pack: Get 50% in Bonus Credits.
• $10,000 Credit Pack: Get 75% in Bonus Credits.
• $15,000 Credit Pack: Get 100% in Bonus Credits.

How does It work?

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Process of using bonus credits for mobile
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With the Bonus Credits, your investment is not only well-preserved but also significantly multiplied. You can rest assured knowing that your funds are in good hands and that you can access them whenever you need them, making it a flexible option for your financial needs.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to secure your financial future and elevate your experience with Credit Packs & Bonus Credits. Start investing today and witness the remarkable benefits that await you.

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